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To his Magesty the king. Good shepard of the people. Good tenent of the lands. Master of the four directions
My lord and King,
I have set here the knowledge of the skilled means of making love, in case you should meet Ishtar on the road.
All things have opposites, to light there is dark, to hunger there is fullfillment, to man there is woman.
A man's body is simple and easily pleased, a woman's body is subtle and easily misunderstood for it's complexity.
There are those woman fortunate enough to be prone to extacy easily and repeatedly, they will find ecstacy even with a lover that is Inept. Many women however have learned to be satisfied with to little.
They suffer from the influences of their upbringing.
There are strange changes of behavior that come into the household when a girl has reached puberty.
Often her father and her brothers will be intoxicated with her changes, and the father becomes stricter and seems suspicious of her. He chastises her and disciplines her across the lap with the switch and gains an erection. He suspects all other men of hungering for her, and for her to hunger back. Often fathers or brothers creep into the rooms of the daughter and hideously harm them by abusing them in secret.
If a girl comes to us to serve as a sacred virgin, we must often cleanse her and rechristen her a virgin. The fathers and brothers of these girls do not come to the temple for they know we are aware of their sins.
A girl's mother will see the changes puberty brings. She sees the secret desires of the men around her, especially the fathers and brothers. The mother will scold her daughter and resent her. She will take many things the girl does as an invitation to the men about and so will chastise the girl. All that the girl does is wrong and so she cannot turn to her mother for succor.
This scars a woman in body and heart, and because of it, she may have difficulty relaxing enpough to find fulfillment with you. She may have ben a victim of rape, or simply poor or selfish lovers and so has never experienced the rapture of the clouds and rain.
Woe, death, and pain on the man who takes Ishtar's gifts by rape. All men dream of this secretly, but it is forbidden in the land of waking.

My Lord, to classify and quantify woman is an impossible task, we are as unique as each flower or mountain, and no two of us are identical in wants, needs or nature. We cannot be classified by beauty, upbringing or appearance.
However, just as a stone will drop to the earth anywhere in the world, and just as all trees have trunk and root, there are some things common to many women.
If a man can find the true nature of a woman he may discern how best to please her, and to discern her nature, you must know these things;
When the ancient evil, the first brood of gods rebelled and were defeated, the blood of the slain mingled withe the earth and so mingled with man and woman. Likewise, the victorious gods lay down with the sons and daughters of humankind and begat children such as yourself.
Thus In all women, one will find the blood of one or more of these ancient ones.

There are the daughters of Ninkashi / Shala the earth-mother, Lady of the grain.
Her daughters unite with man because they seek a husband and father. You will desire them for they are plain and simple with no points or edges to mar thee, their beauty will be evident to you but not to others. They seek husband and children. They are wonderful mothers and are balanced and strong with woman wit.
He that pleases her will have many sons and a happy life. Beware that you not turn her away in hurt, for her brothers are many and they will sue for an audience that she be admitted to the royal house. Put her not in the palace kitchens lest you be poisoned with unrequited love. She will go to him who can offer her safety in a larger cup, for there her reflection is stable.

There are the daughters of ninlil, maker of kings:
Her daughters unite with men because they seek to rule the house hold. They will be dignified and refined, seeking to love you because you are king. Know that you will desire them because they will worship you in a pious way and seek to be chosen above all others. Verily you may look upon her and be most certain of your desire to be with her. Woe her slowly, for if you take that which is not yours she will put you before the Gods to be judged.
He that pleases her will find a companion full of wisdom, decorum, patience and wit. Beware that you turn her not away as though she were but a servant or she shall cry out of your Imperfection and seek to put another in thy place. She will go to him that seems more kingly and perfect in his cup, for with him her reflection shall be magnified.

There are the daughters of Ereshkigal, Lady of the Underworld, whose daughters unite with man over fascination and obsession and the desire to feel the most important, for without importance they feel dead. You will desire them for they appear dark and mysterious, and they appear to have secret power. They will appear to enslave themselves to you and wish to be conquered that their experience be the shining oppposite of death, for sex and death are opposites and these women are fascinated by both. They will please you in any way to escape their own dark depression and have an experience that will let them forget the pain of past and present.
He that pleases her will have a minion of the darkness at his side. But beware, leave not her bed with out waking her or she will wander to him that can offer her the joys of life in a larger cup, for in that cup her reflection is fuller, for they are filled with self importance.

There are the Daughters of Ninhursagah / Ninki
These, the daughters of the wife of enki, will be more rounded in shape and jolly in nature, they unite with men for the joy of loving and living, and seek to be one's mother. You will desire them for they shall support thee in all things and ways. He that pleases her will have clever council and nurturing gentleness. But be not cruel nor leave her behind nor tarry overmuch with thine eyes upon her daughters for she will go to him that is more clever, compationate and controlled, for with him her cleverness shall be magnified in his cup for he will desire good and motherly council.

There are the daughters of Ningal the lady of the Moon:
They unite with man for that which is mystical and dreamt of in the imaginings of her mind. You will desire her for she will remind you of the mysteries of Hunger, for they are of the most mysterious kind. He that pleases her shall have the throes of extacy and a fine interpreter of dreams and omens upon waking. Do not ignore her for she will go to him that may offer her the adoring eyes of a child, for in that cup she will see her womb. Beware, these ones shall draw thee into thy womb, and therein one will find rebirth or prison.

There are the daughters of Ishtar:
Of all the goddesses, Queen Ishtar is mightiest, her daughters unite with man for the sake of love, significance, and commitment. You will desire her for her love, heart, and spirit as well as for her body. You must please her with skill and unite that skill with love. You must give full respect to her always.
He that pleases her will have faithfulness and children. But beware, Ishtar is also the goddess of war, and when a daughter of Istar is with you, there will be strife and war. She will go to he who can offer love in a larger cup.
When your cup has run dry and she is disillusioned with you, then her loathing of you will be vast, for she will have lost her reflection.

There are the daughters of Tashmetum:
These are the most loving of companions, the goodly wife of heart and mind.They unite with man because they seek respite from fear, they seek knowledge and they seek their true place within all things. You will desire her for she will be intelligent and subtle in her ways, moving like a serpent in the darkness, and seeming ever young.
He that pleases her will have a unfaltering memory that ever shall record thy words.Ever shall she be the most faithfull and clever of companions.
Do not accuse her of ignorance nor impiety for she will go to him that may make better ways of her mind and heart, for in his cup of knowledge, she shall find all fear set aside.

There are the Daughters of Shappash :
These women are fierce and bold, being fiercly independant and would in many ways rather be a man. There is an anger and joy within them that know no bounds, they will be shapely of leg and breast, being out done by only the daugter of Ishtar. You will desire them for all these things and you must beware for you may become enslaved to them in but a single night
Do not touch even their hand lest you are most serious, for while they will say that there is naught but joy in your union, she will become overwelmed with you if you are true and perfect
She will go to him that means nothing for with him only she will show in the cup.

There are the daughters of Queen Tiamat, who was the right hand of chaos. Her daughters unite with man for the sake of power and lust. You will desire her because she is starved for you and fascinated with your power. She will go to any length to please you.
He that pleases her will have a partner on the field of battle but beware, she may act secretly to posess you and a portion of your might and you must not forget her lest she return to laugh over your defeat. Be not surprised if she returns at your enemies' side, especially when he can offer her the joys of power in a larger cup, for it will magnify his reflection.

Know that all women are the daughters of Nammu/bau. Thus All women are subjected to the power of the moon's tides. They bleed from the groin at the turning of the moon, and this can cause them great duress. They may cramp in the abdomen and be subjected to great anger or melancholy. Also the power of the moon is evident as lust, and women will unite with you for the simple joy of the union.
Know that during a woman's mothly bleeding, she may not become with child, but know that blood of the womb is potent and addictive.
It is not good for the king to sire bastards from an encounter of pleasure. There are herbs that will abort a pregnancy, but they are hard upon the woman, both in heart and body. No woman can lose a child and not suffer ill of heart because of it.
There are some means that can help prevent preganancy. One may sheath the penis in sheep intestine or in eel skin that your seed does not enter the womb, but know these methods are not dependable.
The king must be the greatest of lovers, he must test and explore, gently and thoughtfully, that he may learn that which stirs the woman he is with.
It is taught by Ishtar that the act of sexual union will be most often for these reasons:
Fun (bonding)
Lust (fulfillment)
Significance (passion)
Attachment (love)
The king should always be mindful of why the encounter happened and at which of these levels it takes place. There is no more painful sight than the partner who takes fun or lust as love. There is a great distance between the king's bed and the king's throne.
Significance must be present as the constant companion of the skilled lover. Let it be written that the one who makes love that is not significant and full of passion is a poor lover, and disdained by Ishtar indeed!
When making love is for fun, there must be smiles and laughter. One must remember the most enjoyable games are those that are won by both players. The prize of the game is pleasure, and it is good to share the prize! Be warned, the joy of the shared prize forms bonds of warm companionship.
The experience should be as children playing. Though you are as king, pretend any identity that fulfills, even if it is the guise of stable boy. ASk of fantasy abnd do not frown upon the answers that are given for many people are loathe to gove up thier fantasies tot he light of judgement.
Wrestle like this, try to kiss her body in places that are tender... neck, nipples, stomach, bottom, groin... you may not use your hands against her, but she may use her whole body to escape you so long as she remains upon the bed. In this way you cannot force her to submit by strength, you must win by artifice alone! She may enjoy the wrestle as well as any athelete and will be joyed that she is the prize of your game of fondness.
You are king and warrior, and so she may wish to be ruled or conquered, ordered or bound. You are king and warrior, and so she may wish to rule or conquer you, and sometimes it is good to be bested in bed!
Tickle her and be overjoyed if she is ticklish. The woman who is ticklish is often prone to being easily and immensely fulfilled. If so, you may do no wrong so long as you make a right effort!
Most importantly: be unconcerned with your fulfillment, fucus instead upon your lover. If you fulfill her, she will return that fulfillment threefold. If it is no longer fun for her then strive to awaken one of the other levels.
In all things gentleness is recommended. If you are candid, she will tell you when it must be firm or vigorous, gentle or fierce.
It is easy in passion to leave marks upon the body with teeth or nails. I admonish you to not indulge in this practice. It is unseemly for the king to be marked so, and it marks the king's lover to any that look upon her whether he be friend or foe.
If you have joined together for hunger or lust then it is for the sake of fulfillment.
For lust, you must strive to stir her hunger and lift your partner to the heights of ecstasy. This will ensure cmplete satisfaction and exhaustion of your partner.
The height of ecstasy is followed by the cool wine of satisfaction. If you have fulfilled her, she will be spent and languid. She will drift between liquid dream and the shapr pleasure of her ultra heightened sensitivity to touch. If you touch her nipple or blow on the sweat of her neck, she will shudder with pleasure.
If you would please a woman, you must know her anatomy and the subtle link sbetween her body parts. there is vastly more to a woman than breasts, buttocks, vagina and mouth.
A man must find no part of his lover's body to be wrong or disgusting. A lover who is clean and in good health is in no way offensive. You must be as comfortable as a mother is with her baby's bottom.
There is a subtle connection between the many tender parts of a woman's body and her vagina. If a woman is truly aroused, nearly any part of her body will be tender and bring her pleasure. The places that are prone to this conducting of sensation tot he groin are many and varied.
The nipples of her breasts are pleased differently among women. Some prefer the gentle use of teeth and lips. Most respond well to suckling, indeed if you suck the nipple in deeply against the roof of the mouth and suckle as a babe does, it will usually be well met.
There are those women that like to be bitten hard, or like to have their nipples pulled hard. Many women feel especially strong sensations in their groin when their nipples are pleasured.
The nape of the neck and any of the neck's hollows are pleasured by light caress with fingertips, fingernails or the tip of the nose.
The ear lobes and backs of the ears crave gentle sucking and nuzzles with the nose. To breathe gently and warmly in the ear as if by chance is often good to arouse her hunger, but above all never put the tongue in the opening of the ear as most find this a disturbing sensation. Again, if you are candid, you may trust she will tell you if she wishes it so.
The spine all the way down, the small of the back, and the flat plane just above the crevice of the buttocks are pleasured by firm, gentle massage. They may be stimulated gently with the nails or with soft bites that leave no marks. Pressure against the small of the backsuch that it pulls her to you, or gently pins her upon her stomach is often found pleasant.
While many women enjoy having hair toyed with, some women enjoy pulling of the hair or firm grip upon shoulders or waist.
The crook of the elbows and knees, the insides of wrists, the palms of hands and the fingertips are well pleased by kisses and gentle nibbles.
The hollow between the belly and the crest of bone just below the waist (the iliac projection at the top of the pelvic girdle .Ed), and the hollows to either side of the pubic mound are especially stimulated by kisses and gentle bites. Often, a hand firmly cupping the mound of the groin is good.
The insides of the thighs are well pleased by gentle caresses and kisses. Likewise, a firm grip on buttock or thighs can be beneficial.
Her groin has lips that frmae it, anf there are varying degrees of sensitivity to these lips, but one may act without error if he treats these lips as he would the true lips that frame her smile.
There is the place above her vagina that is her second treasure (clitoris .Ed. At the top of the folds of the lips of her vagina, one will find a hood of flesh. Tucked beneath this is a nipple of flesh that is terribly sensitive to touch (clitoris .Ed). This nipple of flesh will vary in size, being small on some women and quite large on others. While handling you will see that it runs up under the flesh and into her insides. The whole of its discernible structure is sensitive to pleasure.
THis pleasure spot is the key to arousing a woman and making her moist and ready for penetration. If this pleasure pearl is kissed, licked and gently sucked it will bring her great pleasure. The use of teeth must be incredibly gentle if used at all.
Touch, suck, kiss and lick. If after a time she has responded well, gently insert one moistened finger in her vagina as you lick. If she responds further one may add more fingers, but only if she is growing moist. Then, enter her gently and one finger ata time. Do not hurt her, the reactions of her voice and body will tell you if more fingers are wanted and if she wishes them to go in and out, shallow or deep.
If she is a virgin, her first time may be painful and she may bleed a little. One must be clean and have trimmed nails to ensure no injury to her inside or out.
When she is well moist you may enter her and love her. It is said that it is best to enter soft and exit hard, but of this I am not convinced.
Be careful and seek signs that you are not hurting her by virtue of your length or method of thrust. Likewise, seek signs that she may be one who finds pleasure in pain, for there are some who are of that nature.
Again, in all things, please her before you please yourself and teach her to please herself also. You must inspire her to learn how to stimulate her pleasure pearl. If she is unaware of its existence or its nature, you must show her that is her fingertips are well moistened, she can please herself by rubbing and manipulating her treasure (clitoris .Ed) and so satisfy her needs when alone or heighten her pleasure while you are in her.
If she has no love of oral stimulation, then enter her from behind as animals do, and rub her pleasure pearl instead.
If you feel the approach of your release, curl back the tongue to place the bottom of the muscle against the roof of the mouth. If this does not slow your peak, cease and withdraw from her and apply your mouth again. When you have calmed enter again.
Bring her to release amny times but hesitate and start your efforts again if it builds her to greater ardor. If you at last reach your peak be clear that it is so, for if she is aware of the coming lightning, it will often inspire her to another peak.
A man is simple and easily pleased.
If she applies her mouth to your member have patience, guide her in what you find pleasant and do not thrust in her mouth or she may gag. (Again, there are women who are of a nture that they choose to be taken.) Let her take you in hand as well as her mouth, in this way she will be able to control how deep you enter her mouth. If you place your hands on her hair, do so gently.
If one would avoid progeny, one must not enter the vagina with the penis even once. You must therefore know of anal union if you would avoid progeny for certain.
One may find it passing odd that stimulation of the anus can bring immense pleasure to a woman. This is a difficult thing for us, for if it is approached incorrectly or without vast patience, it will be painful and frightening.
She may at once flee from it, for she may think it dirty or wrongful.
The woman's treasure (clitoris .Ed) must be well stimulated before and during the course of any anal penetration. After time and experience a woman may find pleasure in anal sex without the continual stimulation of her treasure (clitoris .Ed), but this is uncommon, save with those of the pain hungry nature.
To induce anal stimulation, one must begin gently and slowly. Lick and suck her treasure (clitoris .Ed), woo it with patience. Taste it as you would taste her tongue, kiss it as you would kiss her lips, suck it as a babe nurses a nipple. Tease the opening of her treasured gate with your fingers for a time before putting them in her.
When one has progressed to the use of fingers and she has reached or is near release, remove the fingers from her front and gently lay the tip of the littlest finger (pinkie .Ed) against her anus (being mindful of the nail). It must be well lubricated and you must not stop stimulating her treasure.
Whenh inserting the finger into the anus, it must be done slowly and gently. If you feel her anus tighten, you must cease all pressure on your finger except for just enough to allow it to go in a timy bit further if she relaxes. Continue to stimulate her treasure, and when you feel her anus relax let your finger enter her anus a tiny bit more.
If you enter her anus when it is tight, you will cause her pain. If you enter only when she is relaxed then it will be easier for her to adjust to, the finger will progress and its presence will begin to build her pleasure.
DO NOT MOVE THE FINGER IN AND OUT! If she can take the smallest finger past the second knuckle, stop insertion and be still. Continue to please her treasure and let her adjust.
If at any time she appears to be reaching release, redouble the efforts of your tongue and slowly remove the finger. She will either calm some, or she will become unbound with pleasure.
If she has taken the littlest finger and is well, continue to use your mouth and remove the finger gently. Let her anus rest for a moment and continue to please her with your mouth.
Move tot eh next finger (ring finger .Ed), and epeat the process you ahve followed with the littl efinger, putting it in her bottom with the same method of insertion.
Move to the middle finger and follow the same method.
If you reach the second knuckle of the middle finger, you may attempt to penetrate to its full length. If she is well, slowly withdraw the finger a little, pause then push back in gently. With patience you will slowly gain a smooth stroke. By this point, if she finds it pleasurable, she may encourage you to become more active or may move of her own accord, or she may wish you to stop.
The union of your mouth and fingers must be successfully employed in this manner at least two or three occasions before her anus will be confortable enough to take a penis. After two or three experiences with the tongue on her treasure and fingers in her anus, she will be familiar with anal pleasure or will have decided she has no further interest.
You must be prepared to meet failure or refusal when attemptimg the first penetration with the penis. Do not attempt it the first time unless you have just finished preparing her with your fingers and she has learned to pleasure herself.
She should lay with her chest between her knees and her feet near touching that she may rest relaxed. She should remain chest to bed, but should reach between her knees with her preferred hand so that she can reach her treasure to pleasure herself.
Once she has bent back at the waist by raising her bottom up as high as is comfortably possible and she is stimulating herself, place the well lubricated penis against the anus.
Though it would seem a simple thing, an incorrect insertion of a panis will end the encounter prematurely. Take the penis in hand with thumb and all fingers save the first (pointer .Ed). Fell for the anus with the finger, and then guide the head of the penis to correct placement. One will feel an indenting of the buttocks when correctly placed because there is a ridge of flesh between the anus and vagina.
Very gently push the head of the penis into the anus. You must get as far as the ridge of the penis head, or you wil be pushed back out. Once you are in past the ridge, stop and let her stimulate herself and acclimate to the situation.
Do not be surprised if she pulls away, but fo not be suprised if she starts to bear down and force the penis deeper.
When she indicates she is ready, take her buttocks and spread them gently but wide. hold still for a moment afterwards, because the movement of the buttocks will have caused you to penetrate her further. Again, when she is ready, push deeper a little at a time. Do not pull out unless you are stopping completely.
When you have penetrated all the way in, hold still and let her adjust. When all at last seems well, you may pull out and push in just a little, adjust the depth of your strokes as she aclimates to each new change in depth.
By following this method you will soon reach full stroke and range of motion, with a smooth fairly rapid stroke. Do not thrust suddenly, or in a sudden change of direction or you will cause her pain. Be smooth and calm, her body will speak the rest. If all goes well, she will reach bliss many times before you come to the peak of pleasure. When this takes place be full and evident that it is so. This will incite her to a simultaneous peak of pleasure. At the instant of the completion of your release, tell her to stimulate herself. When she has done so for a moment, slide smoothly and completely out of her anus. If she knows to redouble the efforts of her hand at the moment of withdrawal, she will reach ecstasy of a most profound sort. Verily she will thank you graciously.
Be warned that such astounding moments of release can cause great bonds of love or obsession.
Never put a finger or penis back into her vagina if it has been in her anus. It is unnatural for the vagina to be polluted by feces, and it may cause her ill. LCean you fingers and penis well before futher sex of any kind.
If you are joining in love, then take all I have written and make it thus, but with the addition of these things.
Have set before your bed good fruit and wine, let sweet incence be kindled and set a bowl of clean water and a clean cloth near at hand, and let there be sweet oils for her skin.
Take thy love gently to thte sweet scented bath,and bathe her with the reverance of a servant who bathes the priestess of Ishtar. Dry her with a pleasant cloth and comb her hair out.
Speak your love throughout this, for it is for the sake of love that you are joined. Bring her to your chamber and place her in comfort. Rub her with sweet smelling oils for the pleasure of her muscles and so the tiredness of her heart is washed away in your favor.
Love her with all thy joy, lust, passion and fulfillment.
When you have ceased your labors, wipe her witht eh clean wet cloth that her sweat be eased and her brow cooled. Feed her choice fruits and fine wines. Speak of the joy of your love and name her Ishtar and Queen.
Then you will be king.