Temple of the Seven Spheres: Order of the Datu
The Tablet of Destinies:


History of the Datu
Modern training: Three paths one goal.
Personal universes: The inner dreaming and the outer dreaming
Three selves, one being
Opening the lines of communication:
Three orders of beings:Mortal, Elemental, Eternal.
Understanding the figures on the Tablet:
The Tablet of Destinies:
SHUB-NI-GARASH: Divination by the Tablet
Tablet part one: The twin polarities
Tablet part two: The four currents
Tablet part two (section two): The Sharaussa (watchers)
Tablet part three: The eight rays
Tablet part three (section two): The seven tales of the emissary.
Tablet part four: The sixteen elemental counterchanges.
Tablet part four (section two): The Creation Myth 1.
Tablet four (section three): Creation Myth 2
Tablet part four (section four): Creation Myth 3

The Tablet Of Destinies iterated out 256 steps / levels


Azag and Babilani

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