Temple of the Seven Spheres: Order of the Datu


History of the Datu
History of the Hanochem
Tibir: The fighting way of the serpent and the mongoose
Modern training: Three paths one goal.
Temple Structure
Understanding the figures on the Tablet:
THE DARDA: The written works of the Datu
THE WRIT OF ONE: Anu and the all.
THE WRIT OF TWO: Personal universes: The inner dreaming and the outer dreaming
AZAG and BABILANI: The twin polarities
THE WRIT OF THREE:Three selves, one being
Opening the lines of communication:
Three orders of beings:Mortal, Elemental, Eternal.
THE WRIT OF FOUR: The four currents
Tablet part four: The sixteen elemental counterchanges.
THE WRIT OF FIVE: Magic, The Path of Enki
THE WRIT OF SIX: Concearning the need to step beyong the path of Enki
THE WRIT OF SEVEN: The Creation Myth part 1.
Creation Myth part 2
Creation Myth part 3
The Creation Myth part 4
Understanding the myth
THE WRIT OF EIGHT: The eight rays
The tales of the emissary.
THE WRIT OF NINE: The Theurgy of path of Enlil
THE WRIT OF TEN: Seeking perfection, The path of the King
THE WRIT OF ELEVEN: The Path of the Priest/ess
THE WRIT OF FOURTEEN: The Wisdom of the Aphkallu
THE WRIT OF FIFTEEN: Should you meet Ishtar on the road
WRIT OF SIXTEEN: Seeking wholeness, The Path of Anu


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The teachings of the Hanochem

At first there was nothing, not even an emptiness for the nothing to be nothing within.
And the nothing understood that it was nothing and chose to be something.
it looked upon its self and spoke saying:
and when it knew itself, it wished to know why it was, and upon its recognition of why it was it spoke saying:
but it came to pass that- I am -wished to understand more thoroughly and sought to know what it was not that it could know its self better
and when it had summed all that it was not, the- was not- manifested at once and spoke saying
I am not!
At that moment -I am not- became all that- I am- was not
and the form of -I am not- was the form of fire. and the fire was cast all about from the birth place of -I am not-.
and the flame was cast through out the nothing and made a place, and that place knew the cooling of the fire, and by the cooling of the fire came the water and the meeting of the fire and water made air and the union of the fire ,water, and air, made the firmament, and all about the firmament were the stars.
But it came to pass that when -I am not- reached out to- I am-, -I am- was far away and beyond reach, for -I am- was of a subtle nature, non material and unknowable.
and -I am not- was alone in the birth place of space, time, form, and energy
and to be alone was not enough
and so -I am not- was devided, circumference from center, and -I am not- was two parts
One portion was that which engenders life and she was called in the tongue of men, Babilani
the other portion was that which pulled apart life and he was called Azag
And at once Azag knew the pain of separation from Babilani
and he sought to reunite himself with her
but life repulsed death and fled from him and he pursued and raped her
together they fell one entwined with the other
and they smote the firmament with a mighty noise.
and Babilani rose up and smote Azag
and he fled in pain and fear
and then it was that the many things the azag had engendered in her burst forth in a ocean of blood
and they were things of chaos
and they issued forth gibbering and mewling
and they loved her not
and Babilani look round about herself and saw what had taken place
and she was filled with remorse, for the gibbering, mewling things preyed one upon the other
and preyed they on the firmament around her
and she loved them not
and chose she to remain
and chose she to make help mates for her that together, they might scourge the firmament of the horde
first made she life in the ocean of blood
plants and animals of the waters
next made she the flying and creeping things
and they were none of them sufficient to her needs
then made she the grazers and the beasts of the field
and they were not sufficient.
two only were of service
the serpent who was a fine lover and passing wise
and the wolf who also was wise and faithful
and knew she from the words of the serpent and the wolf, that only the seed of azag could make her helpmates that were sufficient
and so it was that she made herself all the more beautiful that azag would be tempted to her side
and she called to him
and suspiciously he came forth from his place
and when he looked upon her he wanted her truly and fully
And he spoke saying;
why hast thou summoned me hither?
and she spoke saying;
I wish me helpmates that I might have company in this place
for thou hast brought forth from me that witch I cannot abide and so I would have kindred that I would be not alone.
and she spoke to him of the need for his essence and promised him a gift if he would give that essence unto her.
and azag spoke saying;
it grieve me that I have not but loneliness in the stars amongst the void, I would make a help mate also that I should be not alone.
and he cast a bargain with her then saying;
my seed shall come forth in fifteen parts, take thou seven and give me my gift.
and Azag took him his eight parts and mated them with the seven parts he had received of Babilanis essence
and made him a companion who was called by him
And Babilani took her the seven parts that he had given and mated them each with a portion of her essence
and placed she them in the midst of her womb that they might grow.
Then lay she with Azag and made they knowledge of each other
And when they had finished laying with each other Azag grew cunning and spoke saying;
Give me my gift!
and Babilani spoke saying thy gift is given, for it is what we have just had between us.
and azag spoke saying;
Nay! this we have had in kind before, a gift is that which one had never had in kind before!
Name my gift and deliver it unto me.
and Babilani spoke saying ; so be it, but you must send away Lamashtu for I have no gift for her, then shall I name your gift and deliver it unto thee.
and Azag sent Lamashtu forth and stood waiting as Babilani wrought a shape from the heart of the mountain and wrapped it round about with winds
Stood he silent as she played it in the flames and quenched it in the waters
when at last she was finished she rose up and held forth the me
and Azag danced about at its beauty and cried out
Name thy gift and deliver it unto me!
And Babilani spoke saying the name of this thing is vengeance!
and she smote him grievously upon the crown of his head
and when he had smote the ground with his form, she picked up his form and cast it towards the outer darkness
but lamashtu hearing the sound of Azags fall turned to see and saw his form hurtling through the void
and caught she him and took him to a place of refuge
all the while cursing Babilani and her progeny
and Babilani laid herself down to rest that the progeny within her womb might grow true and strong
and it came to pass that the grievous wound had ruined the mind of Azag
a madness wrapped itself about him and he knew not Lamashtu
in his madness azag knew only that he was to create helpmates
and he lay with Lamashtu
and he harmed her grievously for he loved her not
and she fled from him to the firmament
and it came to pass that an animal called man had risen amongst the beast of the fields and it was of an odd nature
it bore no fangs nor had it a pelt upon its form
when Lamashtu came upon them and saw the beast called man walked alive even amongst the beasts of the field , she gather up a male and a female and took them before Azag and she showed them unto him saying;
look you my father, that which I have wrought
let them be help mates unto you
and Azag looked upon the beast man and the beast woman and spoke saying
what have thou brought me
they are of no value
have they not the fang in jaw and the claw upon the hand!
have they not the eye of the falcon nor the hair of the beast of the field
and he gathered them together in the midst of his hands, and cast out the man and the woman and with them Lamashtu
cast he them back to the firmament and banished he Lamashtu from his right hand
and Lamashtu gathered the broken man and the shattered woman and gave them back the breath of life
and she went before them and gave them speech that she could teach them
and taught she them fire and sword
and taught she them planting and reaping
and taught she then to worship her as mother and father unto them
and remained she with them upon the firmament
and gathered she the mighty among the gibbering, mewling things of her fathers progeny that she might set herself a kingdom
now it came to pass that at last the long sleep of Babilani was ended and she rose up upon her haunches that she might birth her children
and the first child sprang forth and laughed, and his light filled the world
and so him she called Addi, the adorned one

and the second child came forth and she was full of hunger
and she looked upon her brother and coveted his light
and she lay down with him and consumed part of his light
and she, Babilani called Naphish, pleasure

and the third child raged forth and he smote the stones with his fist till his fists bled and the stone wept tears of water
and him she called chemosh, the subduer

and the fourth child came forth in the form of the serpent and he healed his brothers hands and he pried about into the hidden places and contemplated the course of the stars
and him she called Nahash, the serpent

and the fifth child came forth and set his foot upon the mountain and claimed him the throne of earth
and him she called Nechar, the eagle

and the sixth child came forth and saw all the pain round about and made she a balm against the loneliness
and she was called Pileha, worship

and when the last child came forth, it was seen that he was truly the son of his father
black he was with garnet eyes
and he was called Shanhuth, the unmaker
and Babilani spoke to the sibitti saying;
go thou forth into this place for you will rule here with me
and the children went forth and looked upon the world
and came they them upon the beast man and the beast woman and all that their progeny had made
and the children of man fell down upon their faces and worshipped the Ilu Sibbiti
And it came to pass that Lamashtu returned unto the children of man and found them worshipping the children of Babilani
and she was sorely wroth
and she roared unto the children of man saying;
what hast thou done, how have I failed thee?
thou wouldst fall and worship upon the feet of mine enemies!
take thou up fire and weapon and drive them forth lest I smite thee with a mighty hand!
and the children of man rose up against the Ilu sibbitti and drove them forth with the cry
they are abominations! Drive them forth!
with the aid of Lamashtu and the minions of her fathers hoard such as she had gathered about her did they men drive them forth.
and the ilu sibbitti fled themselves and hid in their mothers hair crying;
and Babilani spoke saying;
it repenteth me I have set thee forth with out giving thee first thy ME
I am loath to do so for then shalt thou loose thy innocence, but such is it as it must be!
and rose she up and cast her hair up into the night sky that the children should always have her hair to guard them
then made she seven kingdoms above the firmament that they should have succor and safety
and gave unto each of them the ME that they would wield and blessed them with this blessing...
hear now my words
loose not the wind less thou canst abide by its blowing
remember that to fathom a vessel you must fill it
know ye also that the wind knows every hole in the mountain
and lest ye forget, a flame wavers yet it falleth not
hear yet this more for it is the law of wisdom that must be known to thee
life is pain
pain brings patience,
patience brings wisdom
the wolf is very wise!
here these nine thruths that ye forget them not,
1. thou art gods!
2. there is not that which is good, nor that which is evil!
3. only this moment exists
4. each must float at their own level.
5. never utter thou a threat.
6. a child who brags giveth away his secrets.
7. Vengeance is a dish that spoils quickly in the heat.
8. Divine short, enchant long
9. plan slowly, act swiftly.
hear now for I shall bless thee with this blessing
even if thou shouldst stand naked upon a blackened field of battle, thy enemies arrayed in ranks before thee.
I will not forsake thee
Even as they charge down upon thee thou shalt find thy vestments to be armor of the blackest obsidian
and in thine out stretched hand will you find mine weapon, the line of division
and thy enemies will dash themselves to sundered bits against thee and the blood shall reach the wickers of their horses.
and when thou stridest out upon the land, thine shape shall be unto the people an image of salvation, punishment, and pain
and the wives and servants of thine enemies shall fall upon their face and cry
look!look! a child of Babilani comes!
go thee forth in conquest!
and the children of Babilani went forth to make war upon Lamashtu and her Scions
and when Lamashtu saw them come nigh, she was most wroth but sore afraid
and she roused the wind about her and she roused the mightiest children of her fathers loins.
mush hushuru
and the horde issued forth full of venom and icor
clawed toothed and venomous
and freed in their hunger they smote all things all about them and consumed the firmament and ate the children of men
And the children of men cried out to Lamashtu saying
help us! save us!
but the same madness was upon Lamashtu and she slashed among them like wolf among sheep
and the children of man cried out to the children of Babilani
help us! save us!
and Addi brought light unto the darkness
and Naphish set a mighty me upon the creature that they would fall on each other in their hunger
and chemosh smote the horde with the weapon of vengeance
and Nahash rained stars down upon the horde and wove spells all about them
and it came to pass that all of them fell save tiamat, kingu and Lamashtu
and Nechar rose up and bound tiamat in his net and forced the winds down her gullet
and then smote he her with the weapon of vengeance
and tiamat was burst asunder
and pileha rose up and went to kingu
and kingu fell before her beauty and worshipped her
and Shanhuth unmade the power of Lamashtu
and Lamashtu fled sore afraid.
and the sons and daughters of men praised the ilu Sibbiti with much praise
but also they cried out saying who now shall we serve?
who now will lend us succor?
and the children of Babilani took kingu and made from his blood more men that the world should be populated
and the ilu sibbitti bound the spirits of the hoard unto the service of men that they might never rise again to consume the world.
and it came to pass that the ilu sibbitti lay with each other and lay with the sons and daughters of men that there might be progeny
one form that might be powers upon the earth to guard it
and one kind that might be rulers of men

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