Temple of the Seven Spheres: Order of the Datu
Three orders of beings:Mortal, Elemental, Eternal.


History of the Datu
Modern training: Three paths one goal.
Personal universes: The inner dreaming and the outer dreaming
Three selves, one being
Opening the lines of communication:
Three orders of beings:Mortal, Elemental, Eternal.
Understanding the figures on the Tablet:
SHUB-NI-GARASH: Divination by the Tablet
Tablet part one: The twin polarities
Tablet part two: The four currents
Tablet part three: The eight rays
Tablet part three (section two): The seven tales of the emissary.
Tablet part four: The sixteen elemental counterchanges.
Tablet part four (section two): The Creation Myth 1.
Tablet four (section three): Creation Myth 2
Tablet part four (section four): Creation Myth 3
Tablet part four(section five) : The Creation Myth 4
Magic: The Path of Enki
The path of Enlil
Seeking perfection: The path of the King
Walking the Thirty Spheres: The Path of the Priest/ess
Seeking wholeness: The Path of Anu
Finding Allness: The Path Of Anu

Human, Spirits, Gods:

The energy that is the basis of all the levels of existence is named Melam. The Melam vibrates at different levels. These levels of vibration dictate the state of the energy as well as its form, the form that energy takes is call its Gishur (plan/design). There are many levels of Gishur, material (nonliving), mortal (living) elemental (interactive metabolizes some in senscient form as spirits, angels, demons and so on) and eternal (the beings called gods)

sign of the mortals


The sign of the Mortals is the upright pentagram. This is the pentagram of the five fold cycle.
Mortals are distinguished by a common five-fold life cycle that motivates and limits the mortal existence.
The five steps of the mortal existence are birth, growth, consummation (initiation), repose and death.

sign of the elementals


The sign of the elementals is the inverted pentagram Enlil as champion..
Elementals do not possess physical form so instead occupy the material (and occasionally living) forms of the universe around them. They may exist on the simplest level as the energies that motivate change such as fire and light but of more interest to the adept are those that have an independent senscient existence in the form of spirits and semi divine beings such as demons and angels.
While Elementals can cease to exist, they do not as a rule experience the five fold physical cycle of life that was introduced above.
It should also be evident that many of these elemental beings attach themselves to the energy sources that propagate them and are often as a result of this connection accessible to or predatory to the adept.

Dingir: the sign of the Eternals


The sign of the Eternals THE EIGHT RAYED STAR
The Eternals are those beings that we call gods. The gods are beings that exist independently of the four building blocks of the physical universe. They are not bound by the essentials of space, time, mass, and energy.

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