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Opening the lines of communication:
Three orders of beings:Mortal, Elemental, Eternal.
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THE WRIT OF FOURTEEN: The Wisdom of the Aphkallu
WRIT OF SIXTEEN: Seeking wholeness, The Path of Anu

The seal of the completed selves, seal of the Divine Will

Establishing communication with the lower and integrating the Other

Opening the lines of communication (middle self to lower self communication)

As stated above the lower self can communicate with the middle self and the higher self. However the middle self has difficulty communicating directly with the higher self.With this phenomenon, it makes the most sense for the middle self to first strengthen it's ability to communicate with the lower self. This is so that the lowerself can take a clear dictation to pass to the higherself, and inversely to take any clear communication from the higher self and relay it to the middleself. In this way one can begin to access the Me.Later one will begin to make contact with the higher self without the difficulties of rapture.

Naming the lower self
The first step towards opening the lines of communication between all the selves, is to name the lower self. For years the adept has interacted with the lowerself and the Other (the dark side).
The lines of communication have been open (especially when the adept was a child) but at this time the lower self has never been given a true identity, a true name, nor has the adept met and accepted union with the Other due to the Other's bestial nature. Thus there is a gap between the middle and lower selves and a need to find union with the Other in order to have clear access to one's full potential as an adept.
There is a basic exercise that we must use to start this process of evolution of communication and the knowledge and acceptance of the Other. We must name the lower self.

The neophyte must find a quiet place were there will be no interruptions in the process of the Naming.
The neophyte will sit comfortably or lie down as is appropriate to conducting an internal dialogue.
The neophyte will speak in their head to the sense of 'me' (the body and subconscious) and will address it in a manner such as this,

"I am N. (the daily name or magical name) and I, having taken in the knowledge of our three states of being, choose now to unmake and rectify all wrong set against you, my lower self over the many years we have been apart. The time has come that we must be One.
In recognition of your existence I ask you now to provide to me the name by which you will be known to us so that we may communicate by name."

Wait patiently for the lower self to give you its name. If the lines of communication have been strongly impaired due to the mundane existence that has been forced upon the neophyte via environment, it will be difficult for the lower self to provide a name to the middle self. A name will need to be chosen this name may reflect any of a number of views of the lower self.
The lowerself can be viewed as a child and thus given the 'child name' that you were known by at a young age before the advent of the division of lower and middle self.(I.E. I am a William now but when I was young I was a Billy).
Another approach is to note that the lower self is the steed that the middle self 'rides' thus one can choose a name that reflects the steed.
If the lowerself is a dragon then choose a dragon name, if it is a lion choose a lion name, in any event you will know what animal archetype the lower self and the darkness of the other will harmonize with and the adept should choose a name accordingly.
When the adept has chosen an appropriate name they will process thusly,

"Lower self, you have not given me a name by which to call you, thus I choose the name N. by which to call you, it is expected that you should respond to this secret name so that we may begin to act as one. It is necessary that at this time you communicate to the higher self, the guardian angel who is a part of us, You must tell it that your name has been given and that it likewise must acknowledge this name that we all may truly be one so be it"
The most common result of the naming of the lower self is a mild state of physical rapture being released by the lower self that may build into an even greater rapture when the acknowledgment of the higher self comes. Once the neophyte has named the lower self, the newly established lines of communication should be exercised in the following manners,

Sit or lie in a comfortable manner that is conducive to an internal dialogue.
Address the lowerself by name and explain that you wish to play a game with it in order to allow it to show the middle self how powerful it is. By name, request that the lower self reach into the long term memory and locate a memory that has sifted into the deepest part of the lower self. Tell the lower self that to win the game it must pull this memory (one that is not unpleasant) out of the deep memory and transmit the memory along with a mind's eye vision of it to the middle self so that the middle self can re-experience that memory.
When the memory has been given, praise the lower self and enjoy the pleasant physical sensations that the lower self generates when it is pleased.
Next address the lower self by name and ask it to play the next step in the game. Pull up the memory and the minds eye view of the eyes of a person that you have not interacted with directly for a short time (not an enemy or destructive person).
When the lower self does this it will be reestablishing a shadow level connection with the person thought of, praise this connection and the adeptness of the lower self in relinking the shadow connection. Tell the lower self that the next step in this game is to send a feeling of pleasantness and longing to that person. The lowerself is to send a desire for contact to this persons lower self.
Praise the success of the lower self and give it much love. Ask the lower self to remember this person and the reestablished connection, no not be surprised when the person contacts you, or you encounter them randomly.
Since the lower self does not easily generate the cognitive logical thoughts of the left brain, we must depend on an artifice to communicate clearly with the lower self. If we take an object that is hung from a cord or chain, it will be found to be useful as a pendulum. If this pendulum is held in the hand and a level of concentration is used, it will be quickly ascertained that we can will the pendulum to move in any way we see fit I.E. clock wise circle, counter clockwise circles, forward and back, side to side and diagonally to left or right
The actual motion of the pendulum is caused by autonomic level muscle movements controlled by the lower self (the subconscious) and that as such are a means of receiving input from the lower self.
Take a moment to familiarize your self with the following correlations:

Clockwise circle-positive feeling
Counter clockwise circles-negative feelings
Forward and back- yes
Side to side-no
Forward right to rear left-I dont know
Forward left to rear right- I dont wish to answer
No distinct motion-I do not know
The neophyte will find that if they first address the lower self by name and ask it to move the pendulum through this series of motions that the pendulum will swing easily. Indeed if the neophyte makes it a game with the lowerself, the lower self will wish to prove it's strength in order to gain praise, and with this in mind, the adept will always praise the lower self for its ability to move the pendulum clearly.
Any level of praise to the lower self will rein force it's desire to act.
Once the neophyte has had the lowerself go through all the motions as a warm up, the neophyte may begin to ask a series of question that the lower self will answer through the motion of the pendulum. When the adept makes a specific request of the lower self, they may use the pendulum to question the lower self as to it's understanding of the request and it's acceptance of the request. IT IS OF THE UTMOST IMPORTANCE THAT THE LOWER SELF BE DIRECTED TO ANSWER HONESTLY, OR IT MAY GIVE ANSWERS DESIGNED TO PLEASE YOU AND THUS GAIN PRAISE!
The lower self may accomplish many useful functions such as the following.
1. Waking the middle self from sleep at specific times
2. Keeping a omni-directional awareness of the adepts environment (looking forward, listening behind)
3. Walking running or fighting from an instinctual level that supersedes the cognitive self's input such as fear, uncertainty, lack of knowledge or assumed physical or mental short comings
4. The lower self can be directed to enact certain conditions (mental physical or magical) in response to environmental stimuli (such as sending requests for money to the high self when the lower self recognizes a given cue like the color blue or a talismanic image, based on previously programmed concepts.
5. It can be directed to gather Zi and transmute it into one of the other levels of energy.


The other is the storage self of all the so called dark "dirty' traits that as a child were deemed to be 'bad' or unacceptable by our primary care givers. These traits exist in a state of subdued hunger deep in the subconscious as accessible 'atavisms' that can be manifested towards certain goals such as combat magic, seduction and exerting of the will over others.When the neophyte was a child, the authority around them took them in hand and they were taught that certain modes of behavior were unacceptable. These modes of behavior were suppressed by the developing middle self and were stored away in a secure place were they developed into a conglomeration of behaviors that sometimes manifest in an inappropriate outburst in response to environmental stimuli. It is the tendency of humans to either let the Other operate with a fair degree of freedom, (symptoms include lack of self-control, violent out bursts, self-abuse, depression, sociopathy, compulsive theft, and pathological lying.). Or a complete suppression of all feeling of aggression and fear in the worry that they will 'become unglued' or become 'evil'. In the second case, the Other is often thought of as the beast in the box. We know the beast is there because we hear it's angry howls, yet we dare not release it for fear of what it may be.
It is important that the gap between the Other and the middle self are closed in a safe yet thorough manner so that the powers of the Other can be integrated into the overall selves.
This integration is important because uncontrolled outbursts by the Other can be extremely antithetical to a given task at hand, or cause a detrimental change of view either to the adept or about the adept by others in the adepts environment thus weakening the adepts position socially or otherwise.

Integrating the Other can be a difficult and even dangerous process if approached incorrectly, the neophyte is therefore admonished to approach this task in the following manner;
Sit or lie in a manner that is conducive to an internal dialogue.
Address the lower self by name (it is preferable to have the pendulum to facilitate communication) and speak to the lower self about the Other. Tell the lower self of the importance of the controlled integration of the Other. Make certain that it understands that it has been the keeper of the Other and that it has fulfilled the duty of guarding the Other and that it is now time for all parts to be whole.
Using the pendulum ask the lower self how it feels about releasing and integrating the Other into all the selves. If the neophyte receives the counter clockwise response of an uncomfortable (fearful) feeling, then it will be necessary to question the lowerself as to it's misgivings.

The following inquiries will usually yield the answer to the misgivings...

Do you fear that releasing the Other will allow it to escape our control?
Do you fear that the Other will manifest and harm others that we care about?
Do you fear that you (N.) will be submerged or lost when the Other is integrated?
Do you fear that once released, the Other will be destructive to all of us?
What the lower self must understand is that all the parts of the self have no separation. The separation of the parts of the self are an artifice that allows the clearer understanding of the whole and that the parts of the self are working towards absolute integration and have no true separation.
It is imperative that the neophyte understand that all the parts of the self are so integrated that there is initially no awareness of their distinct natures, and that the definitions and exercises here are designed merely to allow a fuller understanding of these integrated components.
The most necessary point of comprehension for the lower self must be that the Other cannot take over nor oust the lower or other selves because it is one with them. Indeed what we are striving for is the full acceptance of the Other so that we have the ability to summon aspects of the Other from the lower self so that we can use them to maximum benefit.
Some of the ways the Other can be of use are in battle, sex, deception, and subduing of another, and often we will release it in a state of extreme danger in order to survive potentially fatal situations.
Once named and integrated, the Other cannot rebel. When the neophyte has used the pendulum to meet and comfort the concerns of the lower self, the process of integration continues thusly:
The neophyte asks the lower self to open and release into the sense of awareness the anger, hunger, sorrow and fear of the Other, the Other must understand that it is no longer the bad child or the unacceptable abomination it was named in childhood. That now we are adults and that it's might is understood and needed to make the whole even more whole
One must approach the 'box' and open the door. They must not ask the Other to come forth in order to do battle; rather one must enter the 'box' with the other and embrace it in sympathy. The neophyte must name the other and then proceed to both love it and forgive it. The neophyte must seek to let the Other vent off its fear, shame and misery in the shape of its component nature. (I.E. anger, shame, guilt, perversion, fear, lonleyness etc.)
Each of the components of the Other will come to the fore of the mind and the feelings must be accepted in turn no matter how volatile, repugnant or fearful the response level of the middle self is to them.
Indeed it is imperative that the lower self understands that these atavisms (primal manifestation) are not to be subdued any longer, instead these thing must stand freely with all the other components of the unified self.

The name of the other is a matter of personal choice. One may let the Other provide a name, or one may call the Other by the same name as the lower self, since they are the same entity. Generally, at first it is better to name the Other distinctly so that it can be monitored and interacted with in a precise manner.
One will quickly realize that the core of the Other is not 'evil', They will see that the core of the Other is actually the 'fight or flight syndrome' and that it is the seat of aggression. Aggression is very misunderstood. All aggression is birthed by fear, and all aggression will manifest in subtle or overt ways.
The neophyte will find that once the Other is truly integrated that it will come to the defense of the full self when it is necessary and that they will find them self capable of more direct self control, and the ability to act assertively rather than violently.

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