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Gnostic allegory and personal growth

The myth of creation is a Gnostic tale, developed as an allegory expressing the step by step process of the evolution of the Neophyte, it will be found that the events of the myth parallel the neophytes journey through acolyte to adept while at the same time describing the developement of the person up till the time of being taught.
This is the first time that the oral tradition attached to the myth had ever been fully put down in written form.


The expression of the myth carries a step by step description of the component elements of our make up as well as an interpretation of the psycho-emotive responses that we have when we are found by the Order of Datu.
like wise the myth expresses the development of an individual through the stages or life until the moment of initiation


When the neophyte first approaches the knowledge, they are like an empty vessel, they are unaware of their potential or any of the teachings (at first there was nothing, not even the absu). As soon as they gain awareness of their potential they go into motion and begin accruing knowledge (with nothing to impede the potential the potential moved).

The First Motion is representative of the moment of awakening of self, the realization that there can be more to existence than just existence, but it is also indicative of the behavior pattern that we acrue during childhood. As we absorb the teachings of our elders we develope potential for self developement and personal expression.

at line 10 (the sign of enki) we meet the concept of the hungry awareness, the mind that seeks to grow and know it's self. The student is taught that the odds of existing as an awake aware and sentient being in this time and place are terribly low. The odds are so close to zero (given the size of the unverse) that all we may do is call them 'not zero'. These are the same odds that scientists attribute to the needed vacuum fluctuations needed for the birth of the universe !
This means that you are as rare as the universe itself. It means that there is only one of you. you are unique and special. I am not 'a' William, I am 'the' william. Only I may see the universe through my eyes and exsperiance my existance. Others may get close but they can never enter unless deeply trained to do so..
Only I can make a real difference in my life, only I can write the 'book of William' so to speak.
One must see that if you are that unique and rare, then so is everyone else! All of them are due love, honor, respect and compassion. We are all one race yet uniquly alone.

What does it mean thatthere are so many 'singularities' all massed in one spot, one planet? Is it proof that we are truly unique and here for a purpose? Does it mean that none of us are truly special?The Datu believe that EVERYTHING is that unique and special, for if all of us are as rare as the universe, then since all things are part of such a rare universe, they are all special and rare.
The patterns that developed in the potential are reprsentative of our guidence and upbringing. Being ignorant at first, we are dependent on parents to learn the difference between right and wrong. We are dependant on our parents for every pattern of behavior and eventualy those pattern 'go off' automaticaly when presented with the proper stimulus.

the recognition and self awareness of I AM is representative of the point in child hood that we recognized our own existence as an individual.
In our initial stages of life we have little or no sense of separateness from our parents and we exist in a state that is devoid of any level of separation internally.
the first truly important moment as a child comes when we are suddenly made aware of our selves and gain a sense of I.
It is at the moment of this sense of I that we begin the cognitive process of realizing our separateness from the parental units and the middle self begins to develop.
In Addition this is representative of the realization by the Neophyte that they must be in a constant state of realization that they are unique and alone as explained above.

The birth and manifestation of I AM NOT represents the point when we not only recognized our own sense of personality, and the distinct sense of separation from our parents and siblings, it also is a recognition of the birth of mind (middle self) and the birth of the world we suddenly recognize as physical,inescapable, and interactive ( but we also become the center of an independent universe at this point).
When we interact with others, we are manipulating our own sense of independent perception, morality, wants , needs, and experience, from a central point that is our own unique perspective.
we realize at some basic level that we are the gods of our own universes and that very few individuals can truly read, interpret and understand our view of our universe.
At this point the Neophyte realizes the manner in which they have invested their energy into the pattern that we were spoon fed (what they are not, rather than what they are). The neophyte often thinks that the Datu have mysterious powers of perseption. In some respects this is indeed true, but most often it is just that the 'stimulis responce' is a common pattern seen in most people.

At a certain point in our development as individuals, we realized that we were truly alone and that it is insufficiant to be alone. We feel that we were cut off from a true level of integration with our beginnings because we are the center of our own universes.

The result of the fact that we were guided by others around us in terms of what was correct and socially acceptable was that when these concepts of right and wrong were empowered with in us we divided into the Other (the bad child) and the child of light, as has been indicated above (in THE WRIT OF THREE) the seporation of child and Other was the result of the environmental impact of what was considered acceptable and unacceptable in society around us . Many of the bad behaviors were the ones designed to aid survival and fulfill wants and needs and therefore could not simply be cast aside, therefore they took up residence with in the subconscious as our 'dark side'.

THE REUNION OF AB AND BA and the creation of the universe
When the Nophyte comes to a level of communication with the lower self and is able to integrate the Other, the reunion generates new and free patterns in the universe around us.

when the middle self recognized its sense of self and its separateness from the parents , it fell naturally into a bi polar being that is creation/destruction, up/down, life/death, fear/attraction, and so on. This dual nature is a natural and simple method by which to learn and we use it our whole lives.
This state of polar opposites bring about the cyclic creation of our sense of the universe via the following process, the wind (zephyr) represents the dawning of the the recognition of our seperation and the need for integration. The flames of fire were a direct result of our recognition of our independent existence, this fire is the pure active exertions of our will and individuality and it is the first stages of manifestation of the world into a form we can interpret.
The fire being independent action , brought about reactive responses from the world around us, and the interaction of action and reaction (fire and water) brought about the reconciliation of the opposite pole relationships that we began to use because we are living beings.
The result is the acquisition of knowledge, and the acquisition of knowledge along with comparisons to previous states of action and reaction, brought about a stable base from which to function.
Fire is action, water is reaction, wind is thought and reconciliation of opposites, and earth is the physical body and the stability that is developed through the acquisition of knowledge


The word Azag means 'boundry or taboo'. Azag represents not only the Other but also the boundries that seem to limit our creativity and freedom of expression. (see the writ of two).
If one were to go outside and run until you could run no further, you would come face to face with the Azag (boundry limit). Yet if one were to do this every day, the Azag would be pushed back further and further. Nearly all Azag are like this, only steady practice and work will help us push them back.

In addition, Azag is the 'perversity' of the universe that breaks down ordered systems and causes 'murphy's law' (that if something can go wrong it will). Azag is the sence of the chaos of change that we face once we have recognized our seporation and have begun the attempt at reintegrated our selves. Azag is the 'prefered flow of the universe'

A side affect of attempted integration is that we realize that the Universe has a 'prefered direction. Indeed every scientific law is just a recognition of the prefered dirrection of universal flow. Time runs forward, rocks fall down, people die etc.
Often at this point the Acolyte begins to manifest 'coincedental magick'. this is when the will is being applied more directly to the prefered direction of things by 'accident' than it previously was able to do on purpose.

The reunion of lowerself and other instigates a stronger will and a clearer communication with the higherself. this in turn causes changes in the enviroment that are manifested by coincedence.

It will be noted that Azag was a changer of things and that when requested to change himself, he gave the same reply that most neophytes give! "I cant change myself." In another light, the taking of a name by Azag was an act of rebellion against AbBa, a need to assert individuality and self. It is no different from when Junior gets a mohawk and a nose ring.
How was it an act of rebellion? Well at this point there were only three beings, Ab, Ba, and Azag. None of them had names because none were needed. if Ab and ba spoke of one that was not either of them, then it had to be Azag. By making a name for himself, Azag sought to escape the (parental) influences of ABBA. When he 'Departed from the mind of ABBA/Anu) it was the same as us walking away from our parents and backround. How many of us were like Azag? saying "I cant change, leave me alone!". How many of us walked away from order and instead sowed chaos in every dirrection? How many of us have consumed the light of love given to us by our parents and then spit the darkness of hate and rebellion back in their faces? I did. did you?


When the student begins the journey and the integration of self, they see the things that they have done to others and realize that there must be something they can do to balance the chaos and change in their universe.
It is hard to accept that we are so damaged and conditioned by where we have been and what we have done,that if we try to create a means of making it better, that it will be damaged or twisted by the very maladies that we are seeking to overcome.
In the myth, abba/anu leaves the child unfinished and gives it only one thing 'Napish'

Napish not only means 'life' but it also means 'creativity', this is another name for the last of the sixteen figures (Sila, life or path).The 'child in the void' is the path we walk in order to grow. It is the 'golden child' the desire to be whole and balanced.

Frankly the student often has a concious or subconcious desire to take the path and the teaching and twist them to their own designs.The notion of becoming empowered is filled with pride and the desire for power, to become more than mortal/human. thus the path / shape is expressed as the gate of the gods, 'Bab-Illani)

First Azag says 'take what form you will' and she changes over and unceasingly. When we begin the process of seeking our Sila(shape / path) we are stuck trying to find an approach that will be low impact. The neophyte wishes to please their teachers and find a path that is compatatable with the life that they now are living. They dont want to rock the boat, and they quickly find frustration because of it.

If one seeks change, one cannot remain the same, thus trying to change while still maintaining past patterns leads to great frustration. The student is generaly unable to express what their difficulty is, and finaly they become angry and confused about why they cant find an answer that works and keeps everyone happy. It is often at this point that they walk away.

When they approach the teacher with this dilema, the teacher gives them a Vocabulary of terms and concepts and thus the ability to express their difficuly. This Mummu (voice) allows the student to explain that they want to please parents and teachers, friends and lovers.

Then it is put forward to them that their growth and balance must be based upon their own needs and want, not on the needs and wants of other powers. (usualy the desire to escape past influences is very strong and the student chooses to try to leave behind any of the old undesired influences).

Given the freedom to choose at will, the student invariably will seek a shape utterly devoid of the parental influences and the Other/Azag. Knowing that they are seeking integration of the self and true growth, they finaly seek to step on the path with absolute freedom.
This absolute freedom does not imply the right to do anything they want to anyone, rather it implies casting off the shackles of 'Other Powers' (powers, patterns or persons that they have slavishly obeyed all their lives even when that pattern or power is detrimental to them).

It is unnatural for the child and the other to be separate entities, the result of this is the attempted reunion by the other with the child. this attempted reintegration is beyond the capacity of the child and so the child (our sense of right and wrong) flees from the other (our sense of want and need).
the result is that they fall together to the waking world in a state of conflict and the child rises to defend its fragile ego. We lash out against the pain we have incured with the pain we have incurred.

When the Azag/Others abortive attempts at reunion fail, the result is the engendering of Atavisms, and negative behaviors that have direct results on the world around us.
In addition to the various selves the Datu refer to the WIDER SELF. The Wider self is the impact that we have and have had on the world around us, these negative manifestation of self cause the child to attempt (because of the fears that the other generates) to take a level of responsibility for the misdeeds of the other.
When we see the repercussions of the actions and influences of the other, we realize that we need a means by which to control the other, we attempt every thing from religion and moral structures to escapism and play, in the end we find two very important stand points that help us realize that the attempts to exclude the power of the lowerself from the equation of balance simply does not work

In the myth we find that seven of the many creatures that Babilani forms are of distinct use.(The lion, the serpent, the owl, the rabbit, the wolf, the eagle, and the crow, and with them were Ninhursag and Ea.)

The lion represents courage, and is attributed to Venus, mars and the sun, it represents loveing couragously and facing hate, but also the wrathful power of hate. he speaks saying"to be alone is not enough" (individuality suffers when devorced from personality , joy suffers when one hungers.)

the serpent is the sense of cunning that we develop in order to circumvent the cunning of others and to smooth over the outbursts of the other. the serpent of mercury was a excellent lover and a master of secrets, and this reflects the near carnal pleasure that one experiences when they manage to exercise manipulative influence over others and their minds. As such he councils babilani to fool and manipulate Azag.

The owls of Ereshkigal and Ishtar moved in the darkness and saw all. In some circumstances the hoot of an owl was an ill omen (from the left or behind)for it meant that the eye of the underworld was upon you. Other times it well omened (from the right or from ahead) and meant be watchful for a opportunity that you nearly missed. The owl councils a gift (an offering avert death, a present to pay for the essence of Azag

The Rabbit was a lunar sign and represented hunger, on the other hand the rapid reproduction of rabbits (by the procession of Fibonachi numbers) represent good fortune and excess. The rabbit councils babilani to make pain into pleasure. thus to trancend pain and give Azag the gift of the pleasure.

The wolf of mars represents the feral hunger that we need to sometimes fulfill in order to survive physical or emotional conflict.
We, in our interaction with the world find ourselves needing to possess at least these two powers of snake (mind and intuition) and wolf (physical and emotional) to survive, and while they can reflect the power of the other, it through the full awareness of these two pole that we realize that to deal with the other, we must use the other. The wolf councils babilani to drive Azag away once he is spent.

The eagle is of jupirters dominion and was representative of power, dominion and wealth as well as the power of the king. The eagle like all matierial power councils babilani to be frugal and to make the most of the potential.

The crow represented Death and the making of fortune from the left overs of others. The crow councils patience. (death is terribly patient, it waits for our entire life to pass before it comes for us)

Enkiand ninhursag warn babilani that Azag will try to pull something to his advantage. thus we are warned that boundrys exist is subtle ways, that we may not immediately see.

The order of the animals in the text are in the order of the planets: sun, mercury, venus, moon, mars, jupiter, saturn.

somewhere between the ages of nine and thirteen, the average individual realizes that evil has its uses. We come to the subliminal recognition that in order to avoid becoming a victim, that we must learn how to at least cope with our sense of want and need in order to live, thrive and survive.
In the myth the seduction of Azag represents that time when we begin to actively play with our sense of evil and we take its seven parts to use for our benefit.
these seven parts are:
Egotism, lust, brutality, deception, greed, obsession, and destruction.
when we actively recognize these components of a self serving existence, they root immediately.
In the myth when Azag says that it grieves him that he is alone in space and wishes a helpmate, it is an allegory of the others wish to stand up and be counted.

when we open our selves to a sense of evil in order to control our evil, we invariably create a dark side or evil nature. to the Datu, Lamashtu represents the balancing and fulfilling state of hunger that we develop.
all of us remember when we turned thirteen and the world came unglued at the seams. many of us turned into complete monstrosities that even our parents and sibling could not cope with.

In the legend, the union of Azag and Babilani represents the attempt of the child of light to integrate with the child of darkness. and that failure to do so...
When we made that attempt, the sence of evil had no wish to return to its lair once the activities were done, the darkside (Lamashtu) had been made and the destructive chaos nature wished to feed on the nurturing chaos nature. therefore when all was done, the dark chaos (Azag) made an attempt to pull control away from the nurturing chaos (Babilani), to get that extra bit of life and to come away stronger.
the response of our sense of right was to at first try to reason with Azag, and when that did not work, to suppress the sense of evil (banish Lamashtu) and to form a definitive line of division (the weapon of Babilani), and use this line of division to destroy our dark child
But when we had smitten the other and attempted to cast it out, it instead was taken by the sense of evil and nurtured in secret.
Having no solid realization that this force still lurked about, we lay down to rest in an attempt to formulate a life of good.

when the other was driven out and placed in its secret lair, it used our sense of evil in order to try to gain its freedom.
A saying we have is if something is incomplete, complete it or destroy lest it come back to you in a different form and destroy you.
when we tried initially to find a way to make help mates to subdue the dark chaos and over come our inherent entropy, we found them insufficient and released them without closure.
these control dramas (our coping means) evolved on their own and threaded themselves through out us.
when the other was lost track of, our sense of evil found these control dramas and twisted them subtly for its own use. this was because these controls dramas brought before the other simply made the other more angry when it saw that they were of no use to it. The images of beast/man, and beast/woman are the control dramas and public face that we put on in an attempt to function in the world around us.
They as images had little use for the other and the other had little use for them thus it repulsed them and the sense of evil back to the daily realm, and made no use of them, even though they were literally descended from the same roots.
The result of this was the banishing of the sense of evil into the world around us.
The sleep of Babilani allowed the incarnation and empowerment of these control dramas while we attempted to engender a sense of principle that would fulfill both the social requirements around us and the personal requirements within us
the education of man by Lamashtu, is the influence of the selfish sense of I being developed by the self centered sense of evil
This is a result of the acceptance of egotism as the first of the seven ME of entropy.
When the myth speaks of Lamashtu gathering her fathers progeny around her, it is an allegory for all the behavioral trait that were picked up by the child of light from their parents. the most common control dramas are as follows;
egotism, manipulation, conquest, rationalization / paranoia, pseudo superiority / aloofness, obsession, servitude / addiction.
The initiate will examine themselves thoroughly in an attempt to acertain which of the control dramas they utilize in order to locate the polar balance that will allow some level of escape from them the polar balances of these control dramas are;
egotism -- individuality
conquest - power
rationalization/paranoia - analysis / compassion
pseudosuperiority / aloofness - honor (righteousness) / communication
obsession - choice
servitude / addiction - responsibility / unmaking

When Babilani awoke she birthed her seven children.
It will be seen that each of them correspond to one of the balancing poles listed in the section above.
ADDI / THE SUN (individuality)
The first child is the sun and it is the power of joy, there to combat the sense of darkness and the ego that takes its self too seriously. The control drama of egoism, is the need to assert a strong sense of self onto the back drop of the environment in order to have the environment reflect the nature of the individual, the natural polar opposite to this is individuality, to not let the environment paint its individuality on you. The secret of installing the individuality as a control over egoism is to remember that as a child of the sun you look good in anything.
Children of the sun tend to be warm, funny,`and creative. They often are involved in the egocentric arts like song or dance and are hungry for recognition of their inner or outer beauty.
one of the unique qualities of laughter is that it has no true opposite, we can literally laugh in an given state of thought, emotion, or action.
The sun is a wind sign
The power that engenders joy/laughter is realization.
When we encounter two disparate points and suddenly realize an odd connection between them, we laugh due to the sudden sense of a-ha! or realization.
the power that maintains laughter is joy
the power that causes entropy in laughter is deconceptualization
Addis color is yellow / gold and his dominion is the dominion of individuality his number is 20

NAPHISH / THE MOON (personality)
In our oldest traditions, the moon was male and called Sin or Zuen. As time passed and our people wandered we encountered more and more female manifestation of the moon, and to better work with the archytypical energies around us, we adopted the hermaphrodite of Naphish to be able to blend better with the belief pool around us. Naphish is the balancing point of manipulation as a control drama, this is because if one cultivates the correct type of personality, they will find it unnecessary to manipulate others indeed a strong but pleasant personality is good for what ails you, but the other gifts of the moon (intuition and change) are the real tools of the moon.
Children of the moon are intuitive, cyclic in personality and very concerned with want both their own and others. they use the wants of others kind of like a currency in which to barter for their own wants..
We still view the traditional aspects of the male moon as the male portion of Naphish.
We view the moon as sex/appetite/wants.
We view its opposite pole as Shanhuth (death/resolution/dissolution)
Naphish came forth Wantonly, she was hungry and covetous of her brothers light, when she consumed part of his light she also consumed part of his essence this is a demonstration of the close connection between ones sense of individuality and their sense of personality.
The moon is a fire sign
Just as the moon cannot shine with out the suns light, the personality cannot exist independently of the ego
the rise or engenderment of sex is lust
the maintainer of sex is ecstasy
the desolver of sex is frustration
the color of the Naphish is purple / silver and her dominion is yearning her number is 30

CHEMOSH / MARS (power)
When Chemosh was born he beat the stones with his fists till the stones wept tear of water.
This is representational of mans sense of aggression, and mars is of course the symbol of all that is male, conquest, the control drama of this archetype is usually a malady basses on displays of might as opposed to displays of power , they are displays that are antithetical to the resolution of the situation back to peace.
Do not loose the winds unless you can abide by their blowing, rule not by fear but rather be the hero, the one the weak may take shelter with.
. the child of chemosh must learn that to act is to have committed an irrevocable act.
Irrevocable acts must never be released without control. a display of power is not always necessary and often does more harm than good. act only when necessary and always winnow your enemies from your adversaries
An adversary is one who is playing the same game as you and is playing to win. An enemy will stop at nothing to destroy you and as such should never be given any quarter.
True enemies are very, very, rare!.
Chemosh represents our power to defeat others and to overcome obstacles and it is a sign of fire
As a basic archetype, Chemosh is Hate and its opposite pole is Pileha, love
The rise of hate is aggression
the maintenance of hate is rage
the fall of late is loathing
The color of Chemosh is red, and his dominion is power his number is 8

When Nahash was born he healed the hands of his brother. though this was due to compassion, it was also based on fear, the fear of the unknown.
Rationalization and fear are the control dramas of Nahash. As has been previously stated, rationalization is self deception, it is designed to allow us to use the middleself left brain in order to fool the middle self left brain. we use this talent for rationalization to convince ourselves that we can do the ill planned or the socially unacceptable, or to side step our responsibilities. The polar cure for rationalization is analysis, the skill of breaking an idea down in smaller and smaller perspectives till it is fully understood
paranoia is the over working of our common fight or flight syndrome. Fear like pain is an alarm system that is there to protect and warn us of impending danger. Usually a compassionate understanding of the object/concept that is causing the paranoia will solve it.
When this alarm over rides the rational senses panic sets in and we act from a purely primal base, and we become irrational.
the children of Nahash are thinker and collectors of unless skill. unless that is until they are needed, then the skills are very handy, they are magicians, writers, inventors, con men, wanderers, and advisors. To the child of Nahash it is better to be the right hand of the king than to be the king
Nahash is an air sign
the polar opposite to fear is Nechar (attraction)
The rise of fear is ignorance
the maintenance of fear is simple mindedness
the defeater of fear is knowledge
the color of Nahash is orange and his dominion is skill his number is 12

NECHAR / JUPITER (dominion)
If you were to ask the average occultist why they were studying the arts, they would tell you it was to gain power. we know from our studies so far that power is the archetype of Chemosh, thus by extension these occultists would be trying to become warriors.
What it is that the occultist is actually chasing is DOMINION, dominion is the ability to use power to rule ones environment. to have the power of the right hand (control) over the world around you and to exercise the power of the left hand (change) with a level of mercy and justice.
The control dramas of Nechar (pseudo superiority and aloofness) are segregarian in philosophy, it is the king refusing to walk among his people, it is to with draw from contact and sit somewhat unhappily on your throne of power, and to be a tyrant over those who are weaker in some aspect..
The child of Nechar must have both the virtue of the warrior (honor) and the virtue of the king (righteousness) like wise the child of Nechar must rule with mercy and truly communicate.
If all these things are present, then the king will have subject that flock to him/her without end.
the dominion of Nechar is attraction, this is the polar opposite to Nahash(fear), when the eagle and the serpent meet, they make the dragon, the sign of the king.
Nechar is a earth sign
The rise of attraction is desire
the maintainer of attraction is dominion
the fall of attraction repulsion
The color of Nechar is blue and his dominion is dominion his number is 10

When the sixth child came forth, she felt all the pain and loneliness she made a balm against it.
Those who use the control drama of obsession are using the negative aspect of Pileha it is necessary to understand that when one becomes obsessed with another or with a thing, that they become enslaved to threat thing, it is necessary to have choice in all things in order to have a state of absolute freedom.
The children of pileha understand the difference between wants and needs.
They are also very good at seeing the needs of others and trying to fulfill those needs in order to gain energy and gain fealty. they have a true soft spot for the needs of others, but cant help but feed.
Children of pileha are also warriors, this is because they worship the sword of love and the sword of love is a mighty destroyer of hearts.
the rise of love is admiration
the balance of love is respect / rapture
the fall of love is disillusionment
The color of Pileha is green and her dominion is Love/worship/war her number is 15

Shanhuth is the power of chaos to unweave the threads of reality, he is the king of the dead with Ereskigal his wife, he is the lord of responsibilities.
the control dramas of servitude and addiction are harsh to those who follow them, when one is in a state of servitude, it is because they are un able to handle their own responsibilities, and so responsibility is the attidote to the malaise of servitude. it is not uncommon for a state of fealty (respect and service based on respect) turn into a state of servitude.
The only manner in which one can handle an addiction is to umake the threads that hold that addiction together.
Whether the addiction is a result of self esteem or environment it must be dealt with in order to be free.
The children of Shanhuth have a skill for picking up the thread that holds a situation together. they are able to tell one the answer to the resolving and ending of a situation.
often if they are offended, they will reach out their subtle power and affect the health or well-being of the one who has offended them, unfortunately they dont realize that they are doing it.
It is very important that the child of Shanhuth concentrate his power on dissolving the illusions that may be thrown against him/her. All must enter the land of the dead unclothed, it is the covenant.
The rise of death is closure
the balance of death is entropy
the downfall of death is gnosis
the color of Shanhuth is black/indigo the dominion of Shanhuth is Death his number is 4

There came a time (about age 15 or 16) when your control dramas evolved into one or more of the seven archetypes listed above, some of them were negative manifestations and some were positive, but all of them were truly you at a gut level, when you developed the infant level archetypes you went out into the world on your own, there were those who fell and worshipped you but they also harmed you in the process. The vampires and leeches attached themselves to you, and you were abused.
There is a big difference between use and abuse we use a hammer to drive a nail, we do not use a hammer to drive a point, if a hammer is heated to red hot and beaten against a stone, it is a hammer that is being abused.
people allow others to use them for their gifts because it helps their self esteem. but when use turns to abuse it is very like being assaulted by fire and sword.
The myth tells use that the children went forth and were driven out by Lamashtu and those that originally worshipped them.
to us this represents when we go forth as independent beings and our sense of self is met by others with fear or anger, just like the children of Babilani we were met with the cry they are abominations!, but we found that these archetypes were deep seated and would not simply go away.
if they are undesirable to others you are driven out.
if this seems unclear, it must be understood that it is at this point in the myth that the neophyte goes through cyclic bouts of acceptance and social faux paux till they have trained themselves to present the illusion of what is necessary in order to survive.
At the same time we begin to seek out other abominations so that we will not be alone.
It is at this point that most of us are recognized by our datus, the Datu sees the shine the person puts forth, and the Datu is impressed at how strong the seven archetypes are.
Each person has a prime archetype , a secondary archetype, and a tertiary archetype, the other four of the seven will all exist at least at a basic level. Example: if one had a primary of Nahash you would be a collector of knowledge, if your secondary was Naphish you would use the knowledge from your primary to fulfill your wants, if Shanhuth was your tertiary youd find yourself drawn to gothic hungers.

Each time that we were repulsed by the people around us we grew more firmly entrenched in our control dramas, and felt more and more alien
When at last we were found by a Datu, the Datu let us know that we were not abominations but instead we were special, we carried the avatars of the gods within us. we found that we were not alone.
the Datu provided us with the Darda and we were taught and empowered in the same way as Babilanis children.
People who are not training, often wonder what distinguishes the lost children. It is not just enough that we were outcasts or wanderers. rather it is the inherent understanding of the law of wisdom and the nine truths that are given in Babilanis blessing.
The law of wisdom is:
life is pain, but pain brings patience and patience brings wisdom. the wolf is very wise.
The lost children seem to inherently know that every major lesson we learn in life is due to pain or the cessation of pain. they learn that if they work through each state of pain they learn something, and that slowly a street wise attitude begins to develop.
this practical knowledge of life leads to a deeper understanding of life.
like wise the nine truths seem ingrained in the lost children as deeply as the ten commandments are ingrained in Christians.
Given in more modern language the nine truth are:
1. you are gods!--all of us are the central deity of our own universe, we do to ourselves all the things that we do to gods. we praise ourselves, we appeal to ourselves for aid and forgiveness and we even make sacrifices to ourselves. It is nesscesary for the Datu neophyte to fully acknowledge their divine status in their own universe. but of course we do, that is part of what makes us one of the lost. We are taught our whole lives that we are not gods and we feel bad that we believe that we are.
this can be no longer YE ARE GODS!
2. there is no good or evil. the thing that differs between one gods view of his universe and anothers view is perspective. we view the world in such a way as to be able to break things down into left and right, good and evil, indeed it is this bipolar comparison that allows us to truly analyze a thing. Since the need to break things into left and right is a very important part of the middle self and since the elimination of a pole is to take half the power or possibilities away, the Datu try to stand at the point above and between the two poles at all times, thus we are able to access either pole of a given situation at will. This is not always easy and one must be fully aware of the seven archetypes and their rise, balance and fall. in this way we should be able to cause the rise balance or fall of all seven archetypes when they are encountered.
3. only the present moment exists. The past is pattern of chemicals stored in the lower self. the future is only the expectations of what current states will evolve into. the present moment is full, alive, and mutable if we are able to access the apex of the poles of perspective.
4. Each must float at their own level.--One person may have the ability to do cube roots in their head but may be unable to draw a stick man. another person may have the most talented brush ever yet be unable to do simple addition. Which of them are superior? neither, each is floating at their own level.
it is a kindness to come down to the level of one who floats below you at a given thing, but you must not be condescending or patronizing.
5. never utter a threat. to speak threats to others is a waste, if you will act then act, if you would threaten then hold your tongue.
6. a child who brags, gives away his secrets. this truth is self evident. I can only add that when you utter threats, you are bragging.
7. vengeance is a dish that spoils quickly in the heat, but justice endures the furnace. this is not the old adage about vengence being a dish served cold. rather it is an admonishment to winnow your enemies from your adversaries and move only with justace, not retribution. see Chemosh / mars above.
8. divine short and enchant long.. the universe is the woven web of all the points of randomness coalescing into a moment of time, when that moment of time coalesces, it is the only moment that is truly valid. the sheer random nature of the universe precludes us looking much further than just a short ways into the future via divination, inversely if we wish a certain thing to take place, we increase its chances of happening if we work on it for a long time.
9. To be alone is not enough. self explanitory

If you live the great truths then you should be able to walk in peace and power, you will know who your enemies are, and what their weaknesses are, they will not know your powers and you will be in the moment, thus when you act you will be able to complete your actions quickly and succinctly.

When we went through all the many painful lessons of life, it was like the heat and pressure that forms obsidian.
Obsidian has two unique properties, the first is that even though it is black, it is transparent, the second is that obsidian fractures smoothly at the molecular level, it produces the sharpest natural edge known to man.
When an enemy smashes against the obsidian armor they create fractures that create sharp edges. when the enemy strikes again he lays himself open with the shape edges and creates even more edges, thus he defeats himself against our experience and pain.
The weapon of Babilani called the weapon of vengence,is the sense of discernment that we develop when we embrace the teachings of our sect, and learn to complete things or cut them off, it is our right to avenge ourselves against an enemy and our sense of absolute freedom.
We are bringers of salvation, punishment, and pain.
When we find one of the lost ones, we bring salvation.
When we find the forces of entropy being assisted by the horde to feed uncontrollably on the creatures around them, we bring punishment.
The pain is sometimes that of growth, and sometime that of excision of the unwanted atavisms in our inner heart, but the pain brings patience, and patience brings wisdom. THE WOLF IS VERY WISE.

When we are found, we are taught. No it is better to say reminded about our powers. We are given lawful ability to exercise our dominion and we go forth to war against the pain of living.
In the war of the gods, two distinct elements of our mageophilosphy were formatted.


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